Class Descriptions

Basic Yoga Classes at Northern Arizona Yoga Center

Here at Northern Arizona Yoga Center we are proud to offer basic level classes taught by RYT 500 Teachers every day of the week. Our teachers are dedicated, conscientious and compassionate and offer well-rounded classes to students of all skill levels.

Northern Arizona Yoga Centers offers a variety of basic yoga classes suitable for those just beginning a yoga practice or someone interested in a more relaxing, stress-relieving practice that is gentle on the body.

Basic Yoga Classes


Restorative Yoga

A slower-paced class, designed for increasing hip and shoulder flexibility, and for experiencing a state of deep relaxation. The class is beneficial for those seeking to reduce stress levels, to increase flexibility through long held supported poses, and for those healing from injury. Relax and rejuvenate through gentle asanas followed by restorative poses which release tension in a tranquil environment. As your body relaxes completely, your mind will also experience a deep sense of peace.

Yin Yoga

A class that will include longer, more passive holding of specific yoga poses. All the poses are done on the ground with use of props to help you relax into the
poses. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes with focus on the breath to assist in deepening the stretches with time. Yin targets the connective tissue around joints, while a more traditional yoga practice, yang, addresses the muscle system. This class can be deeply opening if you choose, or simply a more restorative practice.

Beginning Yoga

In this Basic level class students learn the foundation of poses, moving through class at a slower pace. In this class we begin with a relaxation and breathing exercise, do a gentle warm up, explore a set of asana and end with a deeply relaxing svasana. This is an excellent class to take if you are just beginning in your yoga journey, want relax and stretch, and learn where to begin in poses.

All Levels and Intermediate/Advanced Classes 

These classes are energetic in nature and offer a challenge to yogis who are looking to strengthen and expand their yoga practice.

All Levels classes are open to everyone, regardless of how long you have been practicing. There is something for everyone. Modifications will be given to those new to yoga, while intermediate and advanced students will be given appropriate options as well.


Though this class is an All Levels class, it is a great choice for beginning yogis as well. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of alignment in poses.

Slow Flow

This class leads students through a series of poses with attention on the breath and a gentler version of the Flow yoga class.

Full Body Maintenance

Stay strong and flexible. An inspiring All-levels yoga class that will focus on Comprehensive Body Maintenance (CBM). This class will include general yoga
poses with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and balance designed to help you stay active doing the things you love. Through-out the class we will focus
on self-awareness and individual body potential in an easy-going and friendly atmosphere.

Kundalini Inspired

Kundalini Yoga classes are a dynamic blend of posture, pranayama, mantra, music and meditation. A class will include a specific kriya of postures with breath work, as well as meditation, relaxation, and sometimes even some dancing fun. Through Kundalini Yoga and meditation we balance body and mind, stimulate the glandular and nervous system, and gain inner vitality and creativity. All Levels.

Flow Yoga

These classes are called “flow” because one pose leads fluidly into another with little pause for instruction. For most students this class gets the heart rate
up and heats the body. NAYC offers this class as All Levels and Int/Adv.



This vinyasa class integrates movement and breath, brought together to create a 50 minute midday energizing class. The class contains mostly basic postures presented in a challenging way all the while maintaining a focus on the breath. Expect some flow to energize as well as holding poses for focus. The goal: to leave the class feeling physically challenged, mentally focused, and energized for the rest of the day.  All Levels and Int/Adv classes offered.


Intention and Focus

This class will challenge and grow your practice while encouraging you to know yourself. Come to class with an open mind, a willingness to work and eye to see what lies inside your heart. Int/Adv

Athelete’s Flow

This vigorous, intermediate/advanced class is designed for athletes of all types including but not limited to runners, bikers, and climbers. This class will focus on using the core that all athletes need, increasing flexibility to the quads and hamstrings which become tight from running and biking, and breath awareness to bring you more energy and focus when your body is running low. Yoga is a great way to cross train for any sport.

Ashtanga Primary Series: Ashtanga Vinyasa practice for all levels of ability. Emphasis is placed on developing proper breathing, gazing and focus during asana practice. Newer practitioners will be given fewer complex asanas. More established practitioners will be provided with all of the 1st Series asanas. This is a great way to learn vinyasa practice at an measured pace, without being given too much, too quickly. Time will be provided at the end of asana practice for a substantial seated meditation, savasana, a short personal asana practice and discussion time. This class is a perfect compliment for the Integral Vinyasa and Athlete’s asana classes.